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Accelerated Resolution Therapy 

Treatment of trauma often depends on the type of trauma and the presenting symptoms. One of the most difficult parts of healing from trauma is actually having to talk about the trauma itself. However, A.R.T. is an evidence-based psychotherapy that fosters rapid recovery by reprogramming how the brain stores traumatic memories and imagery. A.R.T. has roots in and includes elements of existing evidence-based modalities. The treatment program incorporates memory visualization techniques that are enhanced by the use of horizontal eye movements, as well as memory reconsolidation, a way in which new information is incorporated into existing memories. This approach provides effective relief from the strong physical and emotional reactions associated with post-traumatic stress (PTSD), trauma, anxiety, depression and performance, in as few as 1-5 sessions. An evidence-based therapy, A.R.T. is usually reimbursable as a medical condition and is used at VA hospitals, private practices, and in other institutions that treat mental and behavioral health. AR.T. has also been adopted by the military as their most widely used and recommended trauma treatment. I am listed on the ART INTERNATIONAL website and I am certified in Accelerated Resolution Therapy. 

Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy 

In addition, I am also trained in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavior therapy as another tool to help stabilize symptoms. In TF-CBT, interventions specifically tailored to meet the needs of children and adolescents experiencing emotional/psychological difficulties as a result of trauma are integrated with humanistic, cognitive behavioral, and familial strategies. This treatment is short-term and generally lasts no more than 16 sessions, as more than 80% of traumatized children see improvement within this time. The family may become able to better process thoughts, feelings, and emotions relating to a traumatic experience through TF-CBT, which can provide those in therapy with the necessary tools to alleviate the overwhelming thoughts causing stress, anxiety, and depression. TF-CBT can help people who have experienced trauma learn how to manage difficult emotions in a healthier way. I completed training within my graduate  internship experience in which I worked with children and families via TF-CBT and AF-CBT interventions at The Healing Tree, an adjunct of the Arnold Palmer Hospital in Orlando, FL.  

  • Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy